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14 Jun 2016

Welcome to arvato’s US BPO Blog

From today on we will talk about how companies are facing challenges and opportunities brought up by digital transformation and internationalization, new technologies and changing market dynamics.

At arvato our ambitions go far beyond making your customers happy. We aim to turn them into ambassadors. People whose actions and recommendations will boost your balance sheet, reputation or growth; helping your organisation to be successful however you measure it.

We believe in creating sleek business processes built on smart technology, that are efficient, save our clients money and – most importantly – exceed their customers’ expectations. We take the administrative and logistical pressure off organisations so they can get on with what they do best.

In this blog, my colleagues and I will be offering our comments and vision on the latest developments in BPO, innovations in customer experience and expectations and insights into some of the industries we have spend decades working in.

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