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28 Oct 2016

Customers are in every channel, where is retail?


Increasing customer expectations and their demand for a continuous commerce experience challenges retailers globally.  Consequently, almost any retailer has come across the theories around OMNICHANNEL RETAILING, which entails the connection of all available sales and distribution channels in order to provide a seamless shopping experience to customers.

While OMNICHANNEL is considered by many as the epitome of retailing that meets changing customer needs while counteracting the stiff competition from online pure players such as Amazon, Zalando and ASOS, others are more sceptical as they investigate the investments and organizational changes that such a strategy requires.

What are the advantages?

This study looks to weigh up the advantages – such as increase customer satisfaction as well as leaner and more efficient processes – and disadvantages – like significant investments in infrastructure and organizational structures.  On its way to answer whether OMNICHANNEL RETAILING is really paying off for retailers, the study examines the various dimensions that retailers have to take into consideration when shaping a frictionless shopping experience.  While tackling the question of what really drives retailers to engaging in OMNICHANNEL RETAILING, the report also puts forward the most prominent challenges that retailers come across on their way towards a smooth orchestration of distribution channels.  Presenting market insights from retailers from the fashion and consumer goods industry in Germany, the UK and the US, the study provides useful advice to any retailer that is looking to enhance their customers’ brand and shopping experience.  The three key findings of the study are as follows:

  • Building an OMNICHANNEL organization sets the foundation of establishing the right structures and setting the incentives to follow one joint goal – a goal that has the well-being of the entire corporation
  • Franchising can be one of the major challenges standing in the way of OMNICHANNEL – from a contractual, infrastructural, and incentive perspective.
  • Steering processes across channels and aggregating data that can be leveraged later on to tailor the customer communication can only be achieved when the IT infrastructure is consolidated and aligned.

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Download a copy of the full-report to read more on Omnichannel Retailing Trends.


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