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21 Feb 2018

The Rise of the Robots: Automation & AI

Robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence are two areas capable of supporting an entirely new business model for BPOs due to their potential for driving productivity and cost-effectiveness. Buyers now look beyond the primary benefits of labor arbitrage and want to work with third parties that can leverage digital systems to deliver real added value.

To meet growing client and customer expectations, BPOs have to embrace new tech and overhaul their core processes. RPA and AI can be fundamental to this transformation, as they can empower BPOs to complete core operations faster and more accurately – for a fraction of the cost. RPA, therefore, offers a viable alternative to traditional onshoring and offshoring, as it allows BPOs to manage processes in a way that simply was not feasible a decade ago. This can also be done at scale across global industries.

Software robots offer clear and distinct advantages over physical workforces. They can work 24/7, can analyze and extrapolate data with ease, and can even complete tasks without human error. The benefits would be impressive in isolation, but when every aspect of a task can be completed more efficiently to a greater degree of accuracy it drastically improves operations. That is just the tip of the iceberg, as RPA can also transform data analytics, cyber security, auditing and reporting, and governance.

BPOs currently have a huge opportunity to drive productivity and achieve substantial financial gains by identifying the areas where RPA can be used. Automation and AI appear to be a win-win situation for the industry, but outsourcers are struggling to implement newer forms of tech. This is largely due to problems with legacy system integration and a lack of precise planning on how to reallocate or shed human capital.

To address the issues, BPOs must first identify the processes that are well suited to seamless automation. High volume, repetitive, rules-based processes are ideal candidates, such as those that typically involve data transfers. BPOs are already seeing significant success with RPA because it augments the quality of processes and customer service, in addition to offering cost savings. Furthermore, RPA has the ability to redirect resources to activities that generate profit and increase revenue.


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